Introducing Humankind | The Patreon of Web 3.0

Zachary Dash
10 min readSep 29, 2021

It is encouraged to first read “Why I Am Creating a DAO for Humankind” article by clicking here.

The following article is a project proposal to Blockzero Labs. If approved, all $XIO holders would begin earning $KIND tokens on a daily basis starting on October 15th, 2021.

What is the Humankind Project?

Humankind is a decentralized Patreon made for the world of Web3. Our vision is to empower people to explore their curiosities and get the funding they need to turn passions into reality.

What is the HumankindDAO?

The Humankind Project is managed and owned by the HumankindDAO, a community of altruistic individuals from around the world.

The mission of the HumankindDAO is to accelerate humankind — one person at a time.

What is the $KIND Token?

The HumankindDAO and project will be governed by $KIND holders.

At the core, the $KIND token allows people to not just share ownership of the platform but in the success and upside of each other.

How Does Humankind Work?

When launched, any person from around the world can go to, share something they are passionate about doing, and get the funding and family support they need to pursue it.

To join, individuals are prompted to “Become a Human” and openly share something they are passionate about pursuing.

While passions are truly open-ended, a few examples could include:

  • An entrepreneur who wants to pursue a startup idea or concept
  • A student who wants to pursue higher-level education
  • A DAO member who wants to help grow the project
  • A scientist who wants to explore research on a given topic
  • An NFT artist who wants to launch a project
  • A musical artist who wants to record a song or album

Anyone from the HumankindDAO who believes in what you are doing and wants to support you can lock money into your Kind Box.

As people lock money into your Kind Box, the HumankindDAO unlocks rewards to you in real-time!

You can use these rewards in any way you would like to fuel your passions and continue to update your supporters on the progress you’re making.

Humankind combines the passion of people with the potential of Web 3.0 to accelerate humanity forward — all done in a completely decentralized and permissionless manner.

What Makes Web 3.0 Unique?

The growth of Web 3.0 over the last several years has created a paradigm shift in how humans interact with money, each other, and the technology we use.

As stated by Jesse Walden from the Variant Fund in this article about The Ownership Economy:

“As the role of the individual in value creation becomes more commonplace, the next evolutionary step is towards software that is not only built, operated, and funded by individual users — but owned by users too.”

While we have already seen this evolution taking place through technologies like Ethereum and Uniswap—we believe there is a deeper layer of ownership and opportunity that has yet to be explored: humans.

Below all the code and complexities, the true catalyst for creation and innovation in the world are the people who make it all happen.

If Ethereum is Layer1, humans are Layer0.

What Makes Humankind Unique?

While many people may want to support other humans, they may not have the capital or money to give.

With Humankind, instead of risking capital, supporters of HumankindDAO keep 100% control and ownership of their capital at all times.

For example, instead of donating $150 to a charity on GoFundMe or investing $1500 into a new startup, Humankind supporters can lock money and withdraw it at any time.

What is the Economic Model?

At a high level, Humankind acts as a marketplace between people and their passions.

On one side, you have humans who need funding to fuel their passions. On the other side, you have humans who want to support these passions.

Similar to any marketplaces like OpenSea, Amazon, or Kickstarter — the HumankindDAO model is based on its ability to share in the value capture of connecting these two parties.

Anytime someone raises any funds or distributes “$HUMAN” tokens (similar to social tokens — will be discussed later in the article), the HumankindDAO can take a percentage of these as fees.

What is the Market Size?

To dive deeper into the potential market size, one example we can look at is Kickstarter who has successfully funded 200,000 projects while helping raise over $6B.

Taking a 5% fee for all funds raised, we can estimate that over $300M in revenue has been earned.

We believe that because not all humans have a direct project or startup idea — the total addressable market for the HumankindDAO is exponentially higher than any platform that currently exists today.

Example One

  • John creates a Humankind profile and is earning $25,000/month through his supporters staking $DAI into his Kind Box.
  • $KIND holders can redirect 2.5% of these rewards to the HumankindDAO

Example Two

  • John creates a $JOHN token and distributes it to his supporters
  • $KIND holders can redirect 2.5% of $JOHN tokens to the HumankindDAO

As the project grows and people fuel their passions, $KIND becomes an index of humans and their potential from around the world.

What Does the Road Ahead Look Like?

There are currently three proposed phases to bring Humankind to life.

  1. Phase One | $KIND
  2. Phase Two | Stablecoins
  3. Phase Three | $HUMAN

Phase One | $KIND

In Phase One, Humankind will run exclusively on $KIND tokens.

This means, when someone feels passionate about something, they will create a Humankind profile page and share their vision.

Individuals who want to support this person will stake (lock) $KIND tokens into that person’s Kind Box.

This person, in return, will earn $KIND tokens.

With a giving first mentality, we believe this fair launch model will attract those to the project who believe in Humankind the most.

Phase Two | Stablecoins

Up until this point, the only way to support individuals within Humankind is through locking $KIND tokens.

However, we must acknowledge that for Humankind to reach the masses at a global scale, we need to enable users to use other currencies and assets.

In Phase Two, anyone will be able to support a Human by locking up a variety of different tokens into Kind Boxes like USDC, ETH, DAI, etc.

Instead of the Human receiving $KIND tokens, the yield of the user will come from their specified token and generate rewards from protocols like Aave and Compound.

In the process, for facilitating the interaction, a portion of the proceeds will be redirected to the humankindDAO. The $KIND holders would then decide how best to utilize or distribute these assets.

Phase Three | $HUMAN

In Phase Three, instead of just receiving, Humans will be able to give something back to their supporters. We call these HUMAN tokens.

Similar to Social tokens, HUMAN tokens help fuel the ownership economy and are created to align communities.

However, one main difference is that HUMAN tokens are backed by a 1-of-1 NFT. These tokens can then be fractionalized and given back to your supporters.

Here is an example:

  • John creates a Human token (NFT)
  • John fractionalizes his Human NFT into 100 $JOHN tokens
  • John creates a page on Humankind that shares his passion to help make videos for a project
  • People want to support his passion and lock $KIND tokens into John’s Kind Box
  • These supporters receive portions of $JOHN in return

The purpose or value of $JOHN tokens is completely up to John. This can be anything from exclusive access to his videos or even consulting hours for video editing.

So why is this important and how does it help Humankind?

While locking $KIND tokens can get the project off the ground, we believe supporters getting something in return — even if just a HUMAN token — will expedite the giving and funding process.

HumankindDAO Governance Transition

To start, it is suggested that the HumankindDAO will begin in the control of the Blockzero Labs DAO.

However, the primary goal is to move this control to $KIND holders as quickly as possible. Some of the items that $KIND tokens will be able to vote on include:

  • Increase or decrease the Kind Box Match Rate
  • Redeem any rewards generated by the DAO by burning $KIND
  • Transfer funds out of the DAO for operational expenses
  • Mint new $KIND tokens for various initiatives

The Kind Box Match Rate is the amount of $KIND tokens that are minted when someone stakes $KIND.

How Much is Currently Built?

While the HumankindDAO project concept has been in my heart for many years now, it has been worked on in my spare time over the last 3-weeks.

This time has been focused on ironing out the tokenomics, branding, story, and resources needed to get it approved by Blockzero Labs.

To get a view of how much has currently been worked on, please visit this video:

How is the $KIND Token Distributed?

It is estimated there are currently 7.9B humans on earth. For this reason, the current plan is to create 7.9B $KIND tokens.

In true Blockzero Labs fair launch fashion, I am proposing that $KIND tokens are distributed directly to the three following groups.

  1. Blockzero Labs Citizens (80%) — 1 Year Distribution
  2. Blockzero Labs Vortex (10%) — 1 Year Vesting
  3. HumankindDAO Launch Contributors (10%)

For Blockzero Labs Citizens, it is proposed to distribute $KIND in three waves.

  • October 15th, 2021 to February 14th, 2022: 40% of Supply
  • February 15th, 2022 to June 14th, 2022: 35% of Supply
  • June 15th, 2022 to October 14th, 2022 | 25% of Supply

How Much $KIND Will Be Held in Reserves?

Unlike most projects, it is proposed there will be no $KIND treasury or reserves held by the HumandkindDAO at the start.

If anyone believes that $KIND tokens are needed for a certain purpose (marketing, operations, development, etc) — it is up to that individual to create a HumankindDAO profile page.

If people believe in that person’s vision, DAO members can lock KIND tokens into their Kind Box to fund the initiative.

How Can Blockzero Labs Get Value from the Humankind Project?

There are four primary ways I believe this brings value to Blockzero Labs.

  1. 80% of all tokens (6.32B $KIND) will go directly to Blockzero Citizens.
  2. 10% of all tokens (790M $KIND) will be reserved for the Blockzero Vortex to be vested over a one-year span.
  3. For as long as Blockzero Labs continues to support the HumankindDAO, Blockzero is to receive a 10% $KIND Box Match. This means, anytime $KIND tokens are minted, up to a 10% match will be sent to the Vortex.
  4. Blockzero Labs can utilize the HumankindDAO to stake and support highly engaged Blockzero Citizens who step up within the ecosystem.

What Areas Would I (Zachary Dash) Request to Manage?

I would request to run Project Lead and have a final review of all marketing + communication-related items for the duration of the project.

What Influence Would HumankindDAO Request to Retain?

If at any point in the process the HumankindDAO does not believe that Blockzero Labs is providing high enough quality resources or support — the HumankindDAO can vote to stop the distribution of $KIND tokens to Blockzero Labs Citizens.

What Does Blockzero Labs Need to Provide?

At this time, I am not requesting any funding from Blockzero Labs — only resources and access to Blockzero Labs marketing channels.

These are the specific roles (HumankindDAO Launch Contributors) I would be looking for Blockzero Labs to provide.

  • Smart Contract Developer
  • Front-end Web App Developer
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Community Support Coordinator
  • Human Outreach Coordinator
  • Part-Time Protocol Engineer Advisory

These are the specific services expected to be provided by Blockzero Labs.

  • Internal Security Auditing
  • Public Bug Bounty
  • External Security Audit
  • Three Rounds of Testnet Competition

So What Happens Next?

This proposal will be reviewed by the Blockzero Labs Council to provide feedback and make potential changes to the proposal. If the proposal is able to get a majority vote by the Council, the proposal will move to for a community vote.

Pending approval by the Council and the community, Blockzero Labs Citizens will begin earning $KIND tokens on October 15th through daily snapshots.

If you want to join the HumankindDAO Beta before anyone else, apply for the waitlist and join the journey of building it by going here.