Dear Blockzero Citizens, it’s Time to Scale: Paid Growth Proposal

In the first 18 months into our journey of building Blockzero Labs, we have hit some absolutely amazing milestones.

However, more than all these achievements, there are two stats that may be more impressive than the rest.

  1. Total capital raised: $0

Fueling the Fire: Paid Growth

One of the biggest misconceptions many people have about me is that I am against paid growth. This could not be further from the truth.

Using capital as fuel to a fire is one of the fastest ways to scale ideas into the world. When paired with product-market-fit, a solid marketing funnel, and passionate foundation of community members— paid growth can provide an exponential accelerator to an already beautiful project.

Throughout the history of Blockzero’s journey, I am more confident than ever in who we are, what we are trying to achieve, how we are doing it, and why we aren’t going to stop until we make it happen.

  • Our vision is to become the Y Combinator of the decentralized world.

We have built the ecosystem to reach our goals. Now, we just need a little fuel.

$25,000 Growth Proposal

Today I am submitting a $25,000 Growth Proposal. If approved, the growth campaigns would begin running May 1st, 2021.

  • 100% of the capital will be used to directly fund 3–5 mass scale marketing campaigns on Twitter

Key Performance Indicators

There will be two primary KPIs we are measuring to test the results of these campaigns:

A few of the secondary KPI’s we will measure will include

  • Total new XIO token holders

The total budget used for this would be spread out over one month. There will be two reports publicly shared with the community on May 15th and June 1st to document the results and what we learned.

More than a short term growth increase, the goal of this budget is to find specific campaigns that are converting at higher ratios that will allow us to apply for more funding and scale the budgets accordingly.

If successful, we would be looking to increase our budget to $100k-$250k for the month of June.

New Horizons

Those that have been part of Blockzero Labs since the beginning know just how under-the-radar this project is relative to the amount of potential value we can provide the industry.

Although the last year and a half has been focused exclusively on grassroots marketing and quality relationship building, we have set the anchors in place to not only take on waves, but ride them to new horizons.

If approved, I look forward to this next adventure together with you.

Go here to provide feedback on this Proposal.

— Zachary Dash



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