If you read through the following article, you will understand 99% of what you need to know about Blockzero. Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

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In 2005, Y Combinator (YC) was born.

A startup accelerator based out of Silicon Valley, YC has helped launch over 2000 companies into the world including industry giants like Coinbase, Airbnb, Reddit, DropBox, Stripe, and Twitch — just to name a few.

As of January 2021, the combined value of all YC companies totals over $300 billion dollars.

New Look — Who Dis?

Within the first 75 days of launching, the Flashstake protocol hit some ridiculous numbers.

The market spoke, and the market said it enjoyed Flashstaking.

While we are extremely excited about our past, this post is about our future. Here are five things for Flashers to look forward to in 2021.

1) 150k Liquidity Mining + Staking Program

Last week, we announced Blockzero Labs would be offering…


On September 24th, over 800M $AQUA tokens were airdropped to 5000+ Blockzero Labs community members ($XIO holders).

$AQUA is the native token for the AquaFi protocol — a universal liquidity mining protocol that allows anyone to earn a premium on their LP fees from DEXs like Uniswap and Suishiswap. Learn more about the utility and tokenomics of $AQUA here.

Whether you plan to deposit LP tokens to AquaFi and receive up to 100% premium on your fees or are waiting to see how the protocol is utilized, either way, there is value to keeping and holding $AQUA beyond the premium…

In case you missed it, over the last few weeks and months, three new Core members within the Blockzero Labs community have stepped up to lead Flashstake v3 to mainnet and beyond.

1) Brad Bader | Project Lead

With previous stints at BuzzFeed, Youtube, Bank of America, GroupOn and so many other companies — Brad has been brought an extreme amount of focus and leadership to the Flashstake v3 project.

You may have seen him around the Discord group diving deep into qualitative research and getting as much insight from the community as possible.

Blockzero Labs has long needed a person with strong product experience —…


Over the past two years of Blockzero Labs, we have built a community of over 5,000+ Citizen members, given out over $15M in rewards, and built three blockchain projects from logo to launch.

Most importantly, we have created a community of Web3 thinkers, builders, and creators who have embarked on countless yield missions to explore the decentralized world and earn rewards in $XIO.

Like any typical RPG game, as you gain experience and conquer specific quests, you level up and gain access to exclusive items or incentives that reflect your higher status among peers.

We wanted to recreate this experience…


Not going to be any snazzy graphics or clean grammar on this post. Just some unfiltered updates on my current and future focus with Blockzero =)

A few weeks ago, we created this channel on Discord so that all Blockzero Core members could share updates on what we are working on for the week.

Not only does posting updates here help us build accountability and trust with the community, but it also helps us get a birds-eye view of where we are putting our energy.

That said, I have been struggling to post given that some of my updates…


Like most adventures, the first few steps in every new journey are usually the most exciting. Filled with wide-eyed optimism and sunny skies ahead, it's hard not to get carried away with the endless possibilities in front of us.

While these emotions can fuel early-stage growth, the true potential for world-changing creations is not met overnight, but through the consistent and continuous resilience of communities at scale.

With the launch of AquaFi on the horizon, we felt it was important to give a quick macro-level overview of the project, explore the opportunities in front of us, and identify the obstacles

Last week, Blockzero Labs presented a plan to revitalize and improve the Flashstake project by focusing on five fundamental upgrades to the protocol.

During the several weeks of working on this proposal leading up to the article, the Blockzero Council had many discussions on how best to move forward. While the Council found consensus on most topics, one topic in particular was more challenging to navigate: the Flashstake brand.

Today, we are coming to the community to have a transparent conversation about the Flashstake brand and how best to position the project to be the industry leader in time-based DeFi…


Article Breakdown

Note: As Flashstake is permissionless, the v2 iteration of the protocol will continue to exist and live on Ethereum for as long as people want to use it.


Blockzero Labs is pushing forward to build Flashstake v3 — an upgrade to the current Flashstake protocol. V3 will include five primary updates:

July 31st

A single snapshot will be taken on July 31st at 18:00…

Zachary Dash

Creator of Blockzero Labs

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