If you read through the following article, you will understand 99% of what you need to know about Blockzero. Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

  • What is Blockzero? 60-second overview of the project
  • The Divisions: How the project is segmented and focused
  • The Vortex: Token and incentive layer of Blockzero
  • The Tokenomics: Understanding the XIO token
  • The Governance: Voting, proposals, and participants
  • The Incentives: Mining program opportunities

If you want to know how Blockzero works, go here.

In 2005, Y Combinator (YC) was born.

A startup accelerator based out of Silicon Valley, YC has helped launch over 2000 companies into the world including industry giants like Coinbase, Airbnb, Reddit, DropBox, Stripe, and Twitch — just to name a few.

As of January 2021, the combined value of all YC companies totals over $300 billion dollars.

New Look — Who Dis?

Within the first 75 days of launching, the Flashstake protocol hit some ridiculous numbers.

The market spoke, and the market said it enjoyed Flashstaking.

While we are extremely excited about our past, this post is about our future. Here are five things for Flashers to look forward to in 2021.

1) 150k Liquidity Mining + Staking Program

Last week, we announced Blockzero Labs would be offering…

Last week, Blockzero Labs presented a plan to revitalize and improve the Flashstake project by focusing on five fundamental upgrades to the protocol.

During the several weeks of working on this proposal leading up to the article, the Blockzero Council had many discussions on how best to move forward. While the Council found consensus on most topics, one topic in particular was more challenging to navigate: the Flashstake brand.

Today, we are coming to the community to have a transparent conversation about the Flashstake brand and how best to position the project to be the industry leader in time-based DeFi…


Article Breakdown

  • Flashstake v3 Overview
  • Five Primary Upgrades
  • v3 Token Allocation
  • $150,000 KPI Unlock
  • Roles, Phases, and Budget
  • Flash Council Transition
  • Apply for Position

Note: As Flashstake is permissionless, the v2 iteration of the protocol will continue to exist and live on Ethereum for as long as people want to use it.


Blockzero Labs is pushing forward to build Flashstake v3 — an upgrade to the current Flashstake protocol. V3 will include five primary updates:

  1. Perpetual Liquidity Locks
  2. Layer 2 Gas Optimization
  3. FlashBurn Trading Fees
  4. Flexible Token Governance
  5. Partnership Integrations

July 31st

A single snapshot will be taken on July 31st at 18:00…

Can we turn 786 ETH into 100,000 ETH by the year 2022? There is only one way to find out.


Blockzero Labs has nominated a total of 125 communities, builders, and content creators across the decentralized world. These individuals and groups are eligible to claim 1 XIO Option token.

There are only 100 XIO Option tokens in existence. These tokens will be redeemed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The XIO Option tokens are convertible up to 10M XIO tokens based on our primary KPI. …

Would you rather stake XIO and earn 12 tokens at 3% APY each or would you rather stake XIO and earn 1 token at 36%? APY?

The Blockzero Vortex is the core business model and incentive layer for the entire project. At a code level, the Vortex offers extreme flexibility in how we structure/utilize it through something called Portals.

A Portal simply allows you to stake X (input token) and receive Y (output token).

Understanding Vortex Yield

The yield (APY) for this portal is ultimately set by free-market dynamics. There are two parameters that impact APY.

  1. If the number of stakers (input)…


As of today, blockchain projects in any phase or size can apply to the Blockzero Accelerator by filling out this application. Once three projects are approved into the first cohort, a three-week accelerator program will begin.

The goal of the Accelerator is to help blockchain projects increase industry awareness, grow their community, and hit targetted KPI goals like Total Value Locked or Daily Active Users. Each project receives:

  • Advisory: Five office hours to the Blockzero Advisory Network
  • Awareness: Introduced to over 8000 Blockzero Citizens
  • Engagement: Blockzero to host a custom Mental Mining Campaign
  • Incentives: Up to $100,000 in XIO Yield…


Earlier this year, we described a vision and potential model for crypto projects to harness the power of Flashstaking through a concept called an Upfront Flashstaking Offering — UFO for short. Details in the video below.

The idea was pretty simple.

Instead of a person having to swap their hard-earned crypto to get their hands on an up-and-coming project, they could instead Flashstake for these tokens.

When a user Flashstakes, they are locking up (staking) $FLASH for a pre-determined amount of time, and immediately, the user is returned instant upfront yield to their wallet in the native token they…

Important overview of this article:

  1. We have identified two possible paths forward for the Flashstake protocol which will be identified as Zynthetic + Wormhole
  2. The reason for presenting these paths is to explore opportunities & adapt to many of the obstacles of the current Flashstaking protocol
  3. As a permissionless and unchangeable protocol, regardless of the direction the community supports, Flashstake will always exist in its current technical form as long as the Ethereum blockchain is alive
  4. The goal of this article is to empower an open & transparent discussion on the possible futures of Flashstake and which paths we would…

Zachary Dash

Creator of Blockzero Labs

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