In 2005, Y Combinator (YC) was born.

A startup accelerator based out of Silicon Valley, YC has helped launch over 2000 companies into the world including industry giants like Coinbase, Airbnb, Reddit, DropBox, Stripe, and Twitch — just to name a few.

As of January 2021, the combined value of all YC companies totals over $300 billion dollars.

New Look — Who Dis?

Within the first 75 days of launching, the Flashstake protocol hit some ridiculous numbers.

The market spoke, and the market said it enjoyed Flashstaking.

While we are extremely excited about our past, this post is about our future. Here are five things for Flashers to look forward to in 2021.

1) 150k Liquidity Mining + Staking Program

Last week, we announced Blockzero Labs would be offering…

Earlier this year, we described a vision and potential model for crypto projects to harness the power of Flashstaking through a concept called an Upfront Flashstaking Offering — UFO for short. Details in the video below.

The idea was pretty simple.

Instead of a person having to swap their hard-earned crypto to get their hands on an up-and-coming project, they could instead Flashstake for these tokens.

When a user Flashstakes, they are locking up (staking) $FLASH for a pre-determined amount of time, and immediately, the user is returned instant upfront yield to their wallet in the native token they…

Important overview of this article:

  1. We have identified two possible paths forward for the Flashstake protocol which will be identified as Zynthetic + Wormhole
  2. The reason for presenting these paths is to explore opportunities & adapt to many of the obstacles of the current Flashstaking protocol
  3. As a permissionless and unchangeable protocol, regardless of the direction the community supports, Flashstake will always exist in its current technical form as long as the Ethereum blockchain is alive
  4. The goal of this article is to empower an open & transparent discussion on the possible futures of Flashstake and which paths we would…

In our continuous efforts to secure and decentralize the Blockzero Labs protocol, in the coming weeks you will see large transfers from the original legacy accounts to our new Multisig wallets.

List of Legacy Wallets

Here is a list of the current “legacy wallets” that will see outbound transactions.

Legacy XFO Wallet

  • 0x842f8f6fb524996d0b660621da895166e1cea691

Legacy XSI Wallet

  • 0x30d631f1bc8abae35b353c6d2757f29d5d26972a

Legacy XLP Wallet

  • 0x0f49b42fbaee5b4deb0e316e58ae38ee4fc89d8f

Legacy Flash Funds

  • 0x0945d9033147F27aDDFd3e7532ECD2100cb91032

List of Multisig Wallets

Here are the multisig wallets and what they are used for:

Blockzero Vortex (Orbit #1)

  • 0x5089722613C2cCEe071C39C59e9889641f435F15
  • Tokens to be governed by $XIO token holders


  • 0x1d8E1a850af0320Bd77D9E9f5941224C1273C850
  • Tokens to be governed by $FLASH token holders


  • 0x3A1416064E51e27e83E30bd6877Ad301182E35F4
  • Specifically used for…

In the first 18 months into our journey of building Blockzero Labs, we have hit some absolutely amazing milestones.

However, more than all these achievements, there are two stats that may be more impressive than the rest.

  1. Total capital raised: $0
  2. Total paid marketing budget: $0

Fueling the Fire: Paid Growth

One of the biggest misconceptions many people…

The Time Value of Money (TVM) is a straight forward concept:

Money you have now is worth more than the identical sum in the future due to its potential earning capacity.

While time traveling in the physical world is something still reserved for the adventures of Marty McFly, what if it were possible to time travel in the financial world? What if we could redeem money from the future, today?

The invention of Ethereum made all of this possible.

Article Overview

In a decentralized and permissionless manner, smart contracts allow us to manipulate money — but not just how we interact with…

The process for submitting an official Blockzero Proposal is as follows:

  1. Create Blockzero Citizenship account at
  2. Select one of the 5 types of Proposals (Think, Create, Grow, Core, General)
  3. Submit your Proposal by filling out the necessary information.

The Proposal is then open for Citizens to debate, ask questions, and clarify any unclear points.

After one week, any Blockzero Council member can take this Proposal and submit it directly onto Blockzero Labs’ official Snapshot Page.

Using eligible tokens (currently $XIO + XLP tokens), Citizens are then able to vote on the outcome of this Proposal. …

The Vortex

Two weeks ago, I met a VC at a local Ethereum Meetup who had never heard of Blockzero Labs or what we were about.

Although I was not there to raise capital, I was excited to tell the story of Blockzero to a new person and share our vision of becoming the “YCombinator of the Decentralized World”.

While I quickly jumped into what we were building and the amazing community behind us, one hour into the conversation I realized this person was still not clear on the most important part of our entire ecosystem — the functionality of the token…

As the first quarter of the year comes to a close, we could not be more proud of what the Blockzero Labs community of Citizens has accomplished so far in 2021.

Zachary Dash

Creator of Blockzero Labs

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