5 Reasons Flashstake is the Most Innovative Protocol Since Uniswap V3

Zachary Dash
6 min readJun 22, 2022

When was the last time someone built something truly innovative in DeFi?

Not just another fork. Not just another ponzi.

A true zero-to-one type product that pushes the industry forward and attempts to build something that’s never been done before.

Today we are announcing @Flashstake — the time travel of money protocol.

Here are five reasons we believe Flashstake is the most innovative protocol since Uniswap V3 and what makes it the future of DeFi — literally.


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1) Instant. Upfront. Yield.

In July of 2021, Uniswap launched v3 — an innovative AMM that allows anyone in the world to swap and trade tokens in a decentralized manner.

Flashstake has some parallels, but with a major extra variable: time

The Marketplace for Time

If you would like to think of Uniswap v3 as a marketplace for tokens, @Flashstake is a marketplace for time.

Instead of swapping $1000 USDC for $1000 worth of ETH, Flashtake could allow you to Flashstake $1000 USDC for some predetermined amount of time and immediately earn $100 $ETH in the form of instant upfront yield.

At any point in time, the person Flashstaking can choose to withdraw their $1000 USDC by repaying a portion of the yield, or wait until the end of the original stake time and withdraw 100% of their principal.

2) Built for Scale

It would be pretty groundbreaking if we created just one asset that enables instant upfront yield — but Flashstake is way beyond this.

Like the endless possibility of a new box of legos, the Flashstake protocol is built to enable composability and creativity from day one.

Below are just a few examples of what’s possible by creating Flashstaking “Strategies” — the composable lego blocks of the protocol.

  1. Flashstaking for Liquidity Mining

Chainlink wants to create a liquidity mining program for $LINK but instead of users earning liquidity rewards block-per-block, LPs could stake their LP tokens for X amount of time and immediately earn several months' worth of liquidity rewards— instantly and upfront.

2. Flashstaking for Fundraising

Startup XYZ wants to do a fundraiser for their project by offering $XYZ tokens. Instead of users sending in $ETH to buy $XYZ, Startup XYZ could require users to flashstake $ETH for one year. The instant upfront yield from the $ETH goes to the Startup and the $XYZ is unlocked to the user. At the end of the year, the user can withdraw their original $ETH staked.

3. Flashstaking for Coffee

You go to a coffee shop and they want to charge you $7.50 for a cup of joe, you know, because of inflation. Instead of paying $7.50, you could Flashstake some DAI for one year and pay for the coffee with your instant upfront yield. After a year, you get your DAI back.

3) Loans vs. Yield

If you’ve made it this far into the article, there may be a few protocols that are coming to mind that you believe offer something similar.

Alchemix, for example, offers self-repaying loans.

While many protocols have made amazing innovative leaps in their own right, there are a few major differences with Flashastake.

Most importantly, Flashstake is not a lending/borrowing platform. You are not taking out a loan that you must pay back. You are taking money from the future, today.

With Alchemix, if you took out a self-repaying loan of $2000 with the current interest rates at the time of writing, you would be waiting approximately ~190 years to completely repay this loan.

With Flashstake, in addition to being able to unlock your principal at any time, you know precisely when you will get 100% of your capital back.

4) No More Liquidations

Since Flashstaking isn’t a loan, there is zero chance to get liquidated.

Instead of borrowing money today you have to pay back later, with Flashtake you earn money today that you can use immediately.

5) More than Governance

When someone trades on Uniswap, the $UNI token receives no benefit.

When someone borrows on Compound, the $COMP token receives no benefit.

When someone lends on Aave, the $AAVE token receives no benefit.

$FLASH, on the other hand, is directly impacted each time someone Flashstakes.

When a person Flashstakes, something called fTokens are minted. These fTokens represent the time and potential yield claims of the user’s stake.

During this process, a portion of the fTokens are redirected to the Flash Vault — a treasury directly managed and owned by $FLASH token holders.

At any point, $FLASH holders can vote to receive a portion of these assets.

The Future of Flashstake

While the idea of crypto has been pitched as a place for people to store their money, the market has proven to be anything but stable.

From the colossal crashing of LUNA to Celsius insolvency, economic uncertainty and fear with how to earn yield in this market still run deep.

When you dive deeper into what we are all searching for as humans, many times — it's not money itself, but the financial freedom money gives us.

We value the flexibility of our lives and how we choose to spend it.

In the end, all we are really searching for in this industry is to avoid economic uncertainty and hopefully along the way — find a little extra time.

Our vision for Flashstake is to enable economic freedom for everyone around the world, one second at a time.

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If you want to receive a limited time 100% APR, gain early access to the Dapp, and earn an early adopter Yield Boost as we launch — click here to join the Flashstake Launch List.